About Us

Hello and welcome to my website.

Over the last few years of my life, Ive been on an amazing journey of education. I completed my Bachelors degree in Coaching and Masters degree in Performance and Training at GIH 2013. So with this website, I want you to get to know me as an educator, mentor and perhaps your Personal Trainer within the health and fitness branch.

Working within the fitness industry has helped me find my truest passion which is being able to help and motivate others to succeed with their fitness goals, which in turn can positively impact their lives.

This is my 20th year within the health and fitness industry, during which time I've worked with a host of clients such as Team GB, Bosön Elite Lab, Åstrand Lab, Deutche Bank to name but a few. Im continuously striving to better myself and create effective training programs that give real results for the de-conditioned individual to the elite athlete! But the over-riding factor to why Ive chosen this career is that I care about my clients health, wellbeing, and results! This is much more than a job for me its my passion.

Core Values

1. Its always "We"

2. Exceed Previous Expectations

3. Be Professional

4. Always Learning and Improving

5. Genuinely Care  

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


CrossFit - Chad Vaughn, 315 pound Clean and Jerk


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